cover of Make Runaways Safe report There is an alarming lack of awareness and a noticeable failure to prioritise running away as a key child protection issue. Action is urgently needed to address this, which is why The Children’s Society has published its Make Runaways Safe report and launched a major campaign calling for a national safety net for young runaways.

Read the Make Runaways Safe report:

Our government and local authorities cannot ignore this report's powerful evidence for reform. The report clearly shows how stepping in the first time a child runs away can make a substantial difference to children's lives – and to society as a whole.

We are calling on the public to take immediate action to create a change in practice once and for all. It must happen for the sake of every one of the tens of thousands of children who run away each year, who need – and deserve – our help. Together we can provide a safety net for these children.

Supporting runaways for 25 years

The Children's Society has been working with runaway children for more than 25 years. We have led the research, policy and practice agenda to ensure that young runaways are not left to cope on their own.

We encourage you to read our 2005 report addressing runaways, 'Still Running II: Findings from the second national survey of young runaways'.

Toby Perkins MP and Ann Coffey MP at parliamentary launchWe officially launched our Make Runaways Safe report and campaign at the House of Commons on 12 July.

Watch the video of our parliamentary launch on our YouTube channel.