How our campaigns work

Young girl

Our campaigns are all solutions-oriented and based firmly on evidence that we have gathered about the plight of children who are the victims of social injustice. They focus on changing the way that our society treats children.

Our campaigns are brave and bold and tackle issues that are often contentious, but always worthwhile.

High-profile campaigns require a lot of energy behind them. Our parliamentary lobbyists, researchers, policy experts and media professionals work together to bring about improvements in the lives of society’s most disadvantaged children.

We also listen carefully to children and campaign on issues that affect them.

Where it makes sense we also join ranks with other bodies to campaign for improvements or work as part of coalitions. We aim to rally as much support for whatever cause we are campaigning on.

But one vital resource is absolutely key to our success – and that is you and all the thousands of supporters who work with us. Without our wonderful campaigning supporters, The Children's Society would not be able to make the difference it does. Whether it involves writing letters to MPs on child detention or signing petitions asking local authorities to provide help to young runaways, our supporters help us every day to change the world for the better.