Campaigning to improve the lives of children and young people in the UK is central to our work.

Together with you and fellow fantastic campaigners, we have achieved real change for millions of children facing poverty and neglect.

Find out more about some of the outcomes of our recent campaigns:

  • Fair and Square: Free school meals for children in poverty
  • A Cut Too Far: Save the emergency safety net for children
  • Make Runaways Safe: Protecting the 100,000 children who run away each year
  • End Forced Destitution: Helping to improve the lives of asylum seeking families
  • Who Benefits?: We all need support sometimes. Yet too often those who have been helped by benefits get ignored, misrepresented or at worst blamed for their situation.
  • Warm Home Discount: A crucial form of support to help low income families struggling with their fuel bills.

Campaign evaluation

Read about the impact of two of our major campaigns, Make Runaways Safe and Fair and Square, as evaluated by external consultants ICF GHK.