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We believe that all children deserve a good childhood. That’s why we campaign for the most vulnerable children and young people who face poverty and neglect, fighting injustice and protecting them from harm.

Around 3.7 million children in the UK – one in four – live in poverty. More than half of these young people are in working families. Neglect and a failure to meet children’s fundamental needs are blighting too many lives. 

By joining our campaigns, you help us build momentum and demand the change that children need. The more people who support us, the louder our voice will be – and the more impact we will have.

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Two parents and three children standing in front of their houseGet involved: The Debt Trap

Our featured campaign is The Debt Trap: End the damage debt causes children.

Help us lift the lid on the devastating impacts debt has on children’s lives. Get involved in The Debt Trap.

Our other campaigns

We are also running a handful of other campaigns to help the country's most vulnerable children, including:

  • The Children’s Commission on Poverty: Bringing children together to examine what living in poverty looks like through young eyes
  • Fair and Square: Campaigning for free school meals for all children in poverty
  • Who Benefits?: Giving a voice to the millions of us who have been supported by benefits
  • Make Runaways Safe: Protecting the 100,000 young people who run away each year
  • End Forced Destitution: Ensuring that young people and families in the asylum system are not kept far below the poverty line
  • End Child Poverty: Making sure Britain’s struggling families are not forgotten in the current financial crisis

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