photograph of Sophie Ellis-Bextor'August 10th 1987 was the day my little brother was born and I was so excited to be a big sister. Jack’s father is my step-dad and on the day Jack was born I was with my dad who was really happy for me and made me a special coin to mark the occasion. I remember being proud not just that I finally wasn’t an only child any more but also that my parents had moved on to better things since their divorce. Now I have a huge family with lots of brothers and sisters so I guess that date was the start of the happy ending.'

photograph of Sir Cliff Richard'It was Christmas and I was in India. Dad’s office was throwing a party for the employees’ kids and at one end of the room was a huge Christmas tree surrounded by loads of presents. One of them caught my eye - it was a bicycle, all wrapped up but you can’t disguise a bicycle! And there, on a big label hanging from the handlebars, was my name - HARRY! (This was many years before I changed my name to Cliff!).

I couldn’t hide my excitement and told my Dad. My dad’s reply was devastating. "How do you know it’s yours", he said. "You’re not the only boy here whose name is Harry. Later on all of us were seated around the tree as Father Christmas gave out the gifts. It seemed forever before he got to the bicycle. "This is for Harry," he said. Long pause….."Harry Webb!" My heart leapt. It was my best Christmas ever!'

photograph of Bill Baily'Eating toffee apples on Weston Super-Mare beach in the rain - waiting for the tide to come in...'





photograph of Chris Tarrant'One of my earliest childhood memories is of course my first ever day’s fishing. My Granddad took me. I was just 4 years old, I caught a fish, dropped his rod and fell in the river. All in all, it was pretty typical of most of the fishing days I‘ve spent since!'