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No child should be afraid of the next knock at the door

We believe that all children deserve a good childhood. But right now around 3.7 million children in the UK – one in four – live in poverty. At the same time, neglect and a failure to meet young people’s fundamental needs are blighting too many lives. 

That’s why we campaign for the most vulnerable children and young people who face poverty and neglect, to tackle injustice and protect them from harm.

By joining our campaigns, you help us build momentum and demand the change that children need. The more people who support us, the louder our voice will be – and the more impact we will have.

Sign up today - become a Children’s Society campaigner and help us fight for a better childhood for every child.

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Why we campaign

We must improve the lives of the most vulnerable children in our country.

A stitch in time

A stitch in time: Join us and help protect children from reaching crisis point

Early support for children means helping early enough to prevent crises, or stop problems arising in the first place

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Show Some Warmth: Energy debt and families

Almost a million children are living in families in energy debt - and their health is being damaged.

three children - get involved in The Debt Trap

The Debt Trap: End the damage to children

Parents try to build normal lives for their children, but too often unmanageable debt wrecks their efforts.

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Help refugee children forced to live in severe poverty

Help the 40% of people on asylum support who can’t afford to feed themselves or their family.

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The Children's Commission on Poverty

15 young people are leading an investigation into of the realities of child poverty, discovering what needs to change to deliver brighter futures for children in England.

Who Benefits? campaign logo

Who Benefits?

We all need support sometimes.

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Warm home discount

Too many families have to choose between heating and eating.

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A Cut Too Far: Save the emergency safety net for children

Reverse the Government’s attempt to abolish funding for local welfare assistance schemes.

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Campaign successes

Find out more about victories as a result of our Fair and Square, Make Runaways Safe and End Forced Destitution campaigns.



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Our volunteers are vital to helping tackle the causes of poverty and neglect that harm children's lives