Our resources provide advice on topics such as steps you should take if you suspect a child may be running away, have a parent experiencing problem drinking, and other topics.

The Children's Commission on Poverty have produced a booklet on how your school can make life fairer and better for children in poverty.

three girls walking, and one has turned around and smiles.

Our guide provides advice on what to do when a child goes missing. It also addresses subjects such as what to do if you suspect a child may be running away, and where you can go for more help or advice.

Our My Life 4 Schools website is a ground-breaking free Citizenship and PSHE teaching resource for teachers of children aged seven to 11, produced by The Children's Society in association with our Good Childhood Inquiry.

A Healthy Schools young carers e-learning module is available to help school staff  who work with young carers. The module guides school staff through a set of questions, providing insight into the challenges young carers face, and practical ideas about how to support them directly and within the wider school setting.

You are not on your own is a booklet to help children and adults talk about a parent’s drinking. It is written for children, but at the end of each section is a part written for adults.

Our Help me understand booklet aims to support children and young people affected by a parent or carer’s alcohol or drug treatment. The booklet looks at what the treatment undertaken by a parent or carer means to children and young people and how they might be feeling and experiencing it.