Professor Judy Dunn chaired a panel of leading experts and influencers.

The inquiry panel met throughout 2007/08 to discuss the findings of our national call for evidence as well as existing research around each of the inquiry's six themes.

Teenage boy

During the inquiry the panel considered the following questions:

  • What are the conditions for a good childhood?
  • What obstacles exist to those conditions today?
  • What changes could be made which on the basis of evidence would be likely to improve things? These may be changes in the behaviour of parents, teachers, government, voluntary sector or faith organisations, or in society at large.

People then gave evidence to the inquiry in the following way:

  • 2,006 people contributed to two early NOP polls, one poll of adults and one of children, which helped identify the main issues for the inquiry to focus on
  • 3,579 people – almost all adults – took part in a series of polls run by GfK NOP Reflections on childhood-based on the themes of the inquiry
  • around 8,000 children took part in research commissioned by The Children’s Society
  • 1,626 adults and professionals responded to our call for evidence
  • 742 children responded to our call for evidence
  • 13,389 responses were received from children taking part in two series of polls, one run by BBC Newsround and one on The Children’s Society’s My Life 4 Schools website
  • 5,050 children sent in postcards with evidence
  • around 300 children were involved in 50 focus groups with hard-to-reach children.