children raftingSince the first Young Carers Festival in 2000, more than 14,000 young carers have attended the festival, giving them a chance to meet other young people who are also looking after someone with an illness or disability. Here are some of our greatest achievements:

1. Created the largest gathering of young carers in the world

2. Gave young carers opportunities to learn new skills, enjoy new experiences, make new friends and feel less isolated

3. Through the weekend, created a chance for young carers to enjoy their childhood 

4. Supported and enabled children and young people to meet and engage with politicians, policy and decision makers

5. Enabled young carers to share their views in consultations that have informed guidance for schools

6. Influenced the Carers (Equal Opportunities) Act 2004

7. Informed the PM’s Carers Strategy 2008

8. Developed the Whole Family Pathway and Key Principles of Practice

9. Built and established links with other international young carers groups including New Zealand, Kenya, Canada and USA

10. Raised the profile of the needs of young carers work to policy makers and within the media.