Will you help children draw a line through sexual abuse?

Please watch Emily's story. Note: This content could be distressing for some viewers. If you are affected by any of the issues in the video, please seek advice.

By donating today, you can help support victims of child sexual exploitation.


Children need your help

Children as young as 10 are being targeted for sexual exploitation in every type of community across the country.

Their childhoods are being ripped away by adults who prey on them; through the internet, in cafes or parks, at parties, through gifts, alcohol or a false promise of love.

Adults win their trust then hurt them through sexual abuse.

What happens now is up to you

Too many young people today aren’t getting the help they need, but together we can change the writing on their walls.

Donate now to stop more children being sexually abused or raped.



Are you worried about a child?

If you’re concerned about a child’s welfare please contact your local council’s social care department.

If a child wants to talk to someone in confidence they can call ChildLine on 0800 1111.

Do you need to speak to someone?

If you have experienced sexual violence and would like to speak to someone:

Women can contact Rape Crisis on their Freephone helpline on 0808 802 9999 and men can contact the Survivors UK helpline on 0845 122 1201.