As part of our intergenerational work, we support young people ages 11-18 to complete a Youth Achievement Award.

These nationally recognised awards are designed to help develop more effective participative practice among young people. They also encourage young people to progressively take more responsibility in their learning by selecting, planning and leading activities that are based on their and their community’s interests.

The awards encourage young people to boost their self-esteem and learn skills that enhance their employability. Skills that young people develop include:

  • communication
  • listening
  • negotiation
  • presentation

Louie, an 18-year-old award winner

'I have a young family and I am 18 years old. I am doing The Youth Achievements because I want them to be proud of me. This award has given me new skills that will give my family and me a better life and help me in the future. This course has saved my life really.

'The workers are absolutely fantastic, I can talk to them and they support me. The awards have been really fun and interesting and I have enjoyed learning new skills and meeting new people’.

Phil, a 16-year-old award winner

'I didn't get on well at school and moved around a lot, getting kicked out and ending up leaving school early with no qualifications. I was stuck in a rut before doing the youth achievement awards.

'Doing this course has given me a chance to do something in my life; it has given me life skills and a chance to get something on my CV for the future.

'I have also had the chance to give something back to my community through our activities like arranging activities for other disadvantaged young people and campaigning about local issues. The awards are fun and the workers really listen to me and help me'.