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Programme manager: Paul Crozier -  020 8221 8226

Since 1996, the work of the New Londoners has increasingly focused on supporting young refugees and Roma children.

The family amnesty and EU accession have allowed many Roma children and their families to stay in the UK and be considered as migrants rather than refugees. Many of the families living in insecure accommodation are also often new migrants who may be Roma or refugees. 

New Londoners currently comprises five projects.

Refugee and New Migrant Families

We provide advice, advocacy and support for refugee and new migrant children, young people (aged 0 to 18) and families in the London boroughs of Croydon, Greenwich, Hillingdon, Newham and Waltham Forest. Our casework involves improving access to primary services. In addition, we provide group work sessions for children, young people and families to increase their confidence, well-being and skills; capacity building to community organisations; training to professionals on Roma, refugee and migrant issues; social activities; and awareness raising sessions. We have also trained young people to become peer-led researchers and to carry out their own research.

Roma/New Migrants

We offer health and education-related advice and advocacy for Roma and new migrant children, young people (aged 3 to 18) and their families in Newham. We also provide creative arts, social activities, group work sessions and training on Roma issues.

RISE – Supporting boys and young men at risk of trafficking and sexual exploitation

We support young men aged 11-25 who might have been trafficked from abroad and who are at risk of sexual exploitation.

We offer intensive one-to-one casework and advocacy as well as advice surgeries in a safe setting. We also deliver group workshops to increase young men’s awareness of their rights and entitlements and social activities to reduce isolation, build confidence and self-esteem.

We provide awareness raising workshops for professionals and community groups to help identify and support potentially trafficked young men at risk of sexual exploitation. 

Read more about our RISE project.

Supported Option Project

This project offers advice, advocacy and case work support to asylum seeking and migrant young people with irregular immigration status, aged 13-21, across London. Regular social activities are also provided.

Destitution Project

For young asylum seekers, migrant young people aged 14-21 at risk of, or already destitute, we provide advice, advocacy and case work support. We also offer group work sessions and a befriending service. This project operates in Croydon, Lewisham, Newham and Waltham Forest.   

New Londoners work is based in Newham and other London boroughs. However the dissemination and learning from the work has a national impact.