Programme manager: Ben Dickenson

We work with migrant, asylum-seeking and refugee children, young people and families in Newcastle. We also offer training to partner agencies that support these young people and their families.

We have five strands of work to support young people:

  1. Weekly drop-in sessions
  2. Social activities
  3. Individual targeted support
  4. Group work
  5. Training

Weekly drop-in sessions

New to Newcastle is a weekly, Monday-morning drop-in session providing a chance for families to access our project workers. We offer interpreter support, and a range of other helpful facilities and services.

Kumasi is a weekly, Thursday-evening drop in session offering a safe environment for young asylum-seekers aged 14 or older to meet and participate in a wide range of workshops and social activities.

Social activities 

We run a rolling programme of social activities to prevent isolation, encourage family activities, promote orientation skills and enhance diversity and cohesion.

Please contact us for information about our programme.

Individual targeted support 

Our project workers offer practical, emotional and skills based support to families and individual young people so children stay safe, enjoy a good childhood and have increased well-being. 

We operate within the common assessment framework and are often part of a multi-agency team around a family.

Group work 

We facilitate programmes of group work when we identify common issues affecting service users. This group work includes work with young migrants in schools and colleges.


We also deliver a rolling programme of support workshops for partner agencies to access.

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