The Post Adoption and Care service shares records with those who were either adopted through or were in the care of The Children’s Society. 


The Post Adoption & Care Team was established in 1993 and is currently an ‘Access to Record Only’ service to both post-care and adopted adults. Prior to being an ‘Access to Records’ service, the Post Adoption & Care Team was an adopted agency for young families who placed their children into adoption or into care by The Children’s Society. There are approximately 130,000 listed adoption and care records. Most records have been transferred to microfilm however the first 30,000 dating back to 1881 are in paper format as they are too fragile to be digitised.

Supporting you

Our ‘Access to Records’ for post-care and adopted adults can be obtained by adults who contact us directly by telephone, letter or email if they want to access their records. The service is also open to local authorities and other independent agencies who are working on behalf of the adult to offer a Schedule 2 Counselling Intermediary Service. Our service includes:

  • A dedicated Business Administration and Support Officer who will respond to the adopted, care adults, local authorities and other agencies request for access to records. This will includes getting consent, and processing the record so it can be easily read. 

  • Independent Social Workers are trained to counsel and support those accessing their records. The Independent Social Workers spend time preparing the file before making contact with the adult and then arrange an appointment to share the records in person. 

  • Information held in the files can be very sensitive – we will always ensure that the adult has a full background of their childhood history and will offer a number of meetings as required to ensure the right support is given.

Post adoption and care is a registered adoption support agency and is regulated by Ofsted. If you would like a copy of our Statement of Purpose please email

More information

For more information please fill in the enquiry form. Completed forms can be returned by email to

We no longer provide an ‘Intermediary Service’, however should you wish to trace birth relatives, we do have a list of organisations and services who can support you with this (see below):

The Agency for Adoption & Permanency Support

Adoption Service Adults

Adoption Search and Reunion 

After Adoption 

PACT Adoption

CoramBAAF Adoption and Fostering Academy

CMB Counselling


Please note our new address from 3 August 2015. 


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