The Children's Society in Kent

Boys in wheelchairs


Artwise Youth Centre: St. Luke's Avenue, Ramsgate, KEN, CT11 7HS, Phone: 01843 596659

Programme manager: Ann Rayment

The Children’s Society has a long, respected history of work in the Thanet area. We are a well-known and highly regarded with partner organisations in our area.

With our history operating as a community development project and, in recent years, as a children’s participation project, our programme has skills, experience and track record in delivering high quality projects for children and young people. We also have established an extensive network of contacts within the community and children’s services, bolstering our ability to support children and young people.

What we do

We have three main focuses to our work:

  • Disability work: We provide a short break service for disabled children and young people aged 6 to 16 years. We also help them integrate and play a full part in their local community, and gain the skills and confidence needed to challenge discrimination and injustice.
  • Intergenerational service: Providing opportunities for young and older people to interact, resolve inter-generational tensions and build stronger communities. 
  • Youth Achievement Awards: These nationally recognised awards help boost participation and encourage young people to learn new skills and engage in their community.