Joszef fixing a bikeJoszef’s story

How did you get involved in volunteering?

'I wanted to do something to help out in the college holidays so I contacted the Reaching Out Scheme. '

So what do you do?

'I overhaul bikes, which involves changing brake pads, sorting gear cables out, changing the inner tubes, making sure the tyres are pumped up at the right pressure and cleaning the bikes.  I am a hands-on person so I enjoy doing practical things.

'I have learnt a lot about doing bikes up. I have also been shown how to fully strip down a bike. I make sure that they are safe. People are passionate about bikes. I make sure the customer is happy with the bike, as I don’t want to let the customer down. I am proud of my achievements.  '

What have you enjoyed?

'I am really happy to be at Bike Rescue and look forward to coming each week. I really enjoyed doing up a children’s bike that has since been sold. It shows I did a good job.  

'I’m really proud of my achievement I have completed and passed my OCN award, which I enjoyed doing. I had to show what I had learnt while volunteering.   

‘Overall a great and rewarding experience.'

Jamie with his DJ equipmentJamie's story

How did you get involved in volunteering?

'I wanted to get a job, earn some money, buy myself some disco equipment and become a DJ and become more independent by helping other people.'

So what do you do?

'With support I was successful in getting paid work. From the money I earnt I was able to buy some disco equipment.  Following a successful demonstration of my DJ’ing skills at a Reaching Out celebration event I got three more bookings from other organisations. 

'I gained a V-Fifty Volunteering Award and achieved an Open College Network qualification based on my volunteering.'

What have you enjoyed?

'I like being a DJ and I’ve got lots of regular disco dates.'

What some other volunteers have to say

'It is great when we can show employers what we can do – too often they make assumptions about what we can’t do.'

'I have gained more work experience in general - it can be hard but is worth volunteering if it gets you a decent job.'

'What I would say to anyone else is give it a go, see what you think - give it a go and then you know you can do more.'

'I did some volunteering at the PACT office. It was wonderful and accessible. I got a real taster of work and it made me want to do more in lots of different work places. I decided to be a volunteer in an accessible charity shop, Scope. I loved it. Volunteering makes me feel good and happy because I am helping others.'