Benefits to organisations

Reaching Out enables organisations to:

  • get to know disabled young people as people
  • learn more about disabled people 
  • tap into different skills base
  • source reliable workers 
  • gain a new perspective within the organisation - disabled people have different experiences to share
  • make their workforce more diverse 
  • trying something new.

Stories from our partner organisations 

'I'd say give it a go' - Anne at Clifton Children’s Centre

'Our Children’s Centre was able to offer a volunteering opportunity to a young man who wanted to improve his gardening skills and experience. We were given information about the support that he may require and this helped everyone involved.

'While he was here, he helped us to grow potatoes, strawberries and flowers. It was a pleasure to work with a delightful young man and seeing the enjoyment he gained from working in the garden, sharing of our knowledge, was very rewarding.

'If other organisations are thinking about having disabled young people as volunteers, I’d say give it a go.'

'Many thanks for involving us in Reaching Out.' - Sam at Scope Charity Shop

'We had a young person volunteering with us in our shop on Mondays. We already have a lot of volunteers so we felt quite prepared for another person.

'The Reaching Out staff were very helpful and supportive. If there were any problems or concerns Reaching Out always returned our calls, spoke to us and dealt with any issues. Many thanks for involving us in Reaching Out.'

'This experience has shown us that disabled young people are very capable.' - Franky at PACT Juniors Footbal Club

'We run a football club for disabled young people. Reaching Out approached us and asked if we would offer a placement to a young lady who wanted to volunteer.

'She has been an asset to the coaching aspect of the football club. She enjoys football and passes this enthusiasm on to the other young people. This experience has shown us that disabled young people are very capable and helpful.

'It is a great scheme to get disabled young people to be more active in the community. She has thoroughly enjoyed helping at the football club and we have found it very beneficial to have her with us.'