Young people hard at work on our Reaching Out programme

Benefits of becoming a Reaching Out volunteer

Whether as a disabled young person or a support worker, being a PACT volunteer can help you and your community in many ways. You will:

  • learn and develop skills 
  • meet new, interesting people
  • gain a qualification
  • make a positive contribution to your community
  • challenge prejudice and assumptions about disabled people; and
  • have a lot of fun.

You can volunteer for a couple of hours on a single day, for a few weeks, for a couple of months or even longer.

Find out about what some of our other Reaching Out young volunteers have been doing.

How to become a Reaching Out young volunteer


  1. After you have contacted us, we will arrange a time, date and place to meet with you.
  2. At the meeting we will discuss your previous experience and what you would like to achieve as a volunteer.
  3. We will also talk with you about what support might be required to be a volunteer and how best to meet those requirements. 
  4. We will look for a suitable opportunity for you, and help to prepare you for your volunteering experience. 
  5. Finally, we will offer ongoing support to you as required.