Stories from some of our support volunteers


‘I have been supporting a young person to access the workplace, complete a Reaching Out award and helping them acquire the necessary skills to find work.

'I am now better at communicating, time keeping and have more patience.

'The Reaching Out project has been very supportive, always on the end of the phone, quick to e-mail, and very good at helping you to understand protocol, work place jargon and forms that need to be filled in. If anyone asked me about Reaching Out I’d say just do it!’

Nick D

‘I have been a volunteer with Reaching Out for a few months now and during that time I have done all sorts of things.

'I enjoyed it very much, especially as I see how much enjoyment the young people get from achieving new things.'


'I am now better at being relaxed and natural with disabled young people, but also at providing instruction when required.

'Reaching Out has been supportive. The training has been thorough and the staff have always been supportive.

'Anyone who volunteers will quickly realise they are helping young people who face many obstacles in life to realise some of their ambitions and hopes; make a contribution to their community; and be part of a working team – with all the social interaction and banter that this entails.' 

Nick C

'I have had a couple of placements. One was volunteering at St Nicks Nature Reserve and the other was at York Bike Rescue.  I enjoyed seeing young people grow in confidence in a work like environment and get involved in personal interactions  in a new social environment.

'Because of my experiences I feel I am better at talking to new people in new situations – both the young people  I am supporting and the staff and volunteers at the placements.'


'Working with Reaching Out has been very challenging at times – realising you have a responsibility not just for the  safety and welfare of a young person, but also the challenge of making the experience work for them as effectively as possible. At times I have found it frustrating – when things don’t work out as well as hoped, but overall a great and  rewarding experience.’ 

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