What is the qualification?

The Reaching Out Inclusive Work award is an optional ‘Entry Level 3’ Step Up qualification that you can do if you are part of the Reaching Out Project.

What do I have to do for this award?

  • Set your own goals.
  • Think about how you can achieve your goals and what help you may need.
  • Make a plan about how you will achieve your goals.
  • Find out about the place where you will volunteer and achieve your goal.
  • Stick to your plan and keep reviewing how you are getting on.
  • Achieve your goal and think about what you want to achieve next.

A record of your achievements could include:

  • a volunteering diary (written or DVD)
  • photographs
  • a drama presentation or 
  • a scrap book.

Who can help me?

  • PACT Reaching Out staff - planning  goals
  • Reaching Out volunteers – recording your achievements.

What do I get?

By volunteering with Reaching Out, young people could receive:

  • a 'Reaching Out for Inclusive Work' (Step-up) certificate from the Open College Network (three credits at Entry Level 3)
  • your own record of what you have achieved 
  • a vInspired Award to show how many hours of volunteering you have done.

Download factsheet

Reaching Out Inclusive Work award information (PDF 42.7KB)

The Reaching Out for Inclusive Work Award has been achieved by the following individuals: 

Year 1 participants

  • Jamie 
  • Ruth 
  • Joszef 
  • Duncan 
  • Matthew 
  • Caroline
  • Martin 
  • Beki 
  • Natalie 
  • Ashley 
  • Matthew 

Year 2 participants

  • Sam 
  • Kate 
  • Leanne 
  • Tom
  • Robert 
  • Lewis 

And the Basic Life Support Techniques Award has been achieved by:

  • Jamie
  • Leanne 
  • Russell 
  • Esther 
  • Martin 
  • Caroline