Young person on our Reaching Out Project

Gain a qualification

The Reaching Out project offers you the opportunity to gain qualifications based on your volunteering.


Young people in our programme have received the following awards:


Here is some of the great feedback we have received from organisations who have worked with Reaching Out.

'It benefits us all' - Les at The Retreat

'Reaching Out has opened our eyes to new possibilities. This has been so successful. The porters are so happy with the work that has been done that they actually want more involvement in Reaching Out and so do we.

'It benefits us all. It benefits the people around us and gives us all new opportunities - and you can't turn opportunities down.'

'They feed into the energy' - June at Healing Clinic 

'I've just felt a real a sense of giving these guys somewhere to feel valued and they have helped us - so that's been really lovely. It's another layer of people that belong here. They feed into the energy here and give it the vitality that it has.' 

'We get on together' - Jonathan at St Nicholas Fields Conservation Project

'I think the only difficulty is probably in our heads when we're thinking too much about all the difficulties like how they'll fit in, what work they could do and whether we've got the facilities.

'Then when we meet the young people, these are not difficulties because as the young people get here we learn that they are so much more capable than I imagined – and we get on together.'