We are combining a local charity's responsiveness and knowledge of the community - we have worked in Greater Manchester since 1889 - with the influence of our national organisation.

Today, children in Greater Manchester face numerous challenges. More than 150,000 live in poverty and there are high levels of deprivation across all ten local authorities. We are committed to transforming these children's and young people's lives by:

  • understanding local need
  • building on the strengths and expertise of our organisation
  • working in collaboration with our partners in the area, which include local authorities, the police, health authorities and churches
  • mobilising the commitment of our staff, volunteers and supporters

We will work in an integrated and concentrated manner to provide the greatest possible impact on the lives of children and young people. This involves delivering innovative and sustainable programmes of work focused on addressing childhood poverty and adolescent neglect.

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Our work in Greater Manchester

Our work in Greater Manchester encompasses the following services and activities:

Among the new things that we will be doing are:

  • Creating a children and family zone where communities in specific local areas can come together to shape the services they want and need
  • Campaigning on local issues
  • Running a Greater Manchester-focused fundraising appeal to help realise our ambitions

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Supporting children and families

We provide support to young people facing difficult issues, and to parents and carers dealing with the challenges of family life. These include:

  • Young people who run away or are at risk. Our services provide service for young people who run away in Manchester, Salford, Oldham and Rochdale. 
  • Young people in the care system - Our children’s rights and advocacy services in Oldham and Rochdale support these young people.
  • Children affected by domestic violence and associated issues - We offer children’s counselling services in Oldham, Bury and Manchester.
  • Young people and families seeking asylum - Our Manchester-based programme supports young refugees and asylum-seeking children throughout the Greater Manchester area.


We have eight shops in Greater Manchester, at:

Many of our shops accept donations of clothes and other unwanted goods.

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Fundraising and donating

Our local fundraising team works with our brilliant groups, committees, supporters and other partners to raise the money which is so vital to our work.

There are many ways you can help, such by donating at one of our shops, volunteering (more on this below) or doing a trek or triathlon to raise funds.

Please get in touch to support our work, or make a donation today.

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three young peopleVolunteering

We have a large group of committed people who volunteer their time to support our work.

Examples of volunteering opportunities include:

  • befriending a young person in care by becoming an Independent Visitor at one of our children’s rights services
  • helping out in one of our shops
  • organising a fundraising event

Find out more about volunteering.

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Commission us and partner with us

Many local authorities and other organisations have chosen us to help them deliver their services.

We know that many areas are seeking new and innovative ways of addressing local needs and of empowering local communities to participate in finding solutions. In response we are reshaping our local services to strengthen our infrastructure and become more strategically focused on regions' and sub-regions' needs. We believe this makes us an important strategic partner.

Find out more about commissioning us.

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Additional information

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