Green Ark Children's Centre

young girl playing with two adults


Green Ark Children's Centre: Leander House, Fore Street, Devonport, PLY, PL1 4DW, Phone: 0175 256 5555

Early years manager: Clare Wasey

Green Ark Children’s Centre works closely with our community to ensure a wide variety of practical services are available for children and their families in Devonport and Stoke.

Services are constantly being developed and are driven by our community’s needs to provide a safe, secure and fun environment that promotes personal growth.

With community involvement, the team at Green Ark Children's Centre ensures that the huge variety of practical services we provide matches the growing and ever-changing needs of families with young children living in Devonport and Stoke.

Green Ark offers activities and opportunities for under-fives and aims to give children the best start in life.

You can read our range of activity flyers below:

Take a look at our Summer 2014 Programme to find out what's happening at our centre.

You can also review our schedule of services and learn more about our organisation on our website.