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Safe Choices works to prevent and reduce violent offending by young women. We work with those who perpetrate violence, are associated with gangs and experience sexual violence and exploitation in this context.

Our experience shows that young women’s involvement in violent offending is quite different to that of young men, and a specialised approach is required to meet their unique and complex needs.

The Safe Choices model has been developed specifically to help young women develop the self-confidence, critical thinking and skills needed to make safe choices.

Safe Choices:

  • improves young womens' life opportunities
  • enables young women to develop safe and healthy relationships
  • increases the skills of professionals to help reduce violent offending among young women.

What young people say

'It helped me be more confident in myself.' Daisy (17), Dec 2011

'It helped me think about my future more.' Samira (16), June 2011

'It was useful because I got more confidence and I feel more creative and I can express myself more.' Beth (15), Aug 2011

Intensive one-to-one and group support

We help young women through intensive one-to-one support, to identify individual needs and tailor activities accordingly; and/or in a group work setting, which allows young women to work alongside each other and participate in activities together in order to address their own needs.

These interventions provide a safe space for young women to explore a variety of issues that affect their choices and behaviour, including:

  • Sense of identity and belonging
  • Choosing safe and healthy relationships
  • Developing resilience to resist peer pressure 
  • The consequences of violent behaviour 
  • The meaning of coercive, exploitative and violent relationships
  • Gang culture and violent offending
  • Developing aspirations and self-esteem
The work offers experiential and participatory processes that facilitate learning and growth. We also advocate on behalf of participants, provide positive role models and help develop support networks

Safe Choices is delivered in partnership with nia, a London-based violence against women organisation with a 35-year history of working for the safety of women. nia has extensive specialist knowledge and experience in supporting women, children and young people who suffer all forms of gender violence.

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