What we do

As part of the West Midlands Hub, we currently provide a range of services across Birmingham and Coventry covering a broad range of issues which impact on children and families. Our main areas of work are:

Helping Further: working with children and families affected by destitution (also operates in the Black Country) - specifically working with families who have no recourse to public funds.

MY Place: befriending young unaccompanied asylum seekers and refugees in Birmingham and Coventry - through youth groups, giving them a place to meet and group work to help develop their life skills.

Counselling: working with young unaccompanied asylum seekers and refugees - providing a counselling service to support their emotional wellbeing.

Press Play: working with asylum seeking children housed in temporary accommodation in Birmingham - providing opportunities for play.

Streetwise Birmingham: specialising in working with young people who go missing in Birmingham - independent return interviews, intensive support and awareness raising.

Streetwise Coventry: providing a specialist service for young people at high risk of CSE in Coventry - delivering preventative work and support to young people aged 11-18 years old who are at risk of being sexually exploited.

Our other contact details:

2nd Floor, Eaton House, 1 Eaton Road, Coventry, CV1 2FJ

Tel: 02476 230 060

Who we are

Jenny Mahimbo, Programme Manager.                                    

Emma Suddle, Temp Service Co-ordinator, Streetwise            

  • Eleni Adamou, Project Worker (BM)
  • Manley Gordon, Project Worker (BM)
  • Angela Turton, Project Worker (BM)
  • Lucy Boulton, Project Worker (BM)
  • Emma Lance-Pencheon (BM)                     
  • Shaheda Khatun, Project Worker (CV)                                                 
  • Kerstin Friend, Project Worker (CV)
  • Natalie Turner, Project Worker (CV)

Kerry Boffin, Temp Service Co-ord, Streetwise & Migrant Team    

  • Mohammed Shazad, Project Worker, (HFBM)
  • Lizzy Bell, Project Worker (MY Place)
  • Mark Brown, Counsellor

Kerry Boffin, Coordinator for Streetwise Birmingham

  • Kerstin Friend, Interim Coordinator for Streetwise Coventry.
  • Lucy Bolton, Volunteer Coordinator for Streetwise
  • Emma Lance-Pencheon, Parent Support Worker for Streetwise
  • Fiona Wallace, Counsellor for Streetwise

Gill Heath, Administration Manager                                             

  • Salmah Bi, Admin Assistant, Helping Further
  • Angela Walker, Admin, Streetwise


The Big Peg, Birmingham Office
Unit 501FB, 120 Vyse Street, The Jewellery Quarter
Birmingham B18 6NE
United Kingdom
Phone 0121 212 5599
52° 29' 15.3312" N, 1° 54' 43.128" W