Group of young people sitting and standing outside a shopSalford Children’s Rights Service (SCRS) supports children and young people looked after by Salford City Council or leaving care. We are not part of the council or its children’s services department. We will:

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Contact us

If you need to contact us, there are three routes:

  • Text service - You can text us free on 07860 026 461 and someone will get back to you.
  • Freephone - Our freephone number is 0800 085 6908. (Note that there will be a charge for calling this number from a mobile.)
  • Self-Referral - complete a self-referral form and tell us what it is you would like us to help you with and send it back to us free of charge to: FREEPOST RTES-TZJX-CLSS, Salford Children's Rights Service, M30 0EZ.

Do you need help with a problem?

Do you feel that you are not being listened to? Perhaps you do not know what plans are being made for you, or you disagree with a decision being made about you.

If you need some help with making your views heard, someone called an 'advocate' could help.

An advocate is someone who works for you. They listen to your problems and will try their best to help you resolve them. They advise you of your legal rights and if necessary they can put you in touch with legal specialists. They can also help you make a complaint  and will make sure that someone looks into your issues.

An advocate will only work with you if you decide you want one. If you would like the help of an advocate, please contact us, leaving your name and a contact number and an advocate will get back to you.

Learn more about how an advocate can help you.

Outside Agencies - Help with Rights and Entitlements

There are also a number of outside agencies that can help children and young people in care and care leavers and these are listed below with links to their websites.  

The Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) - the website includes first hand experiences, and provides information on topics such as health, education, changing placements, keeping in touch, identity, and moving to independence. 

Children's Commissioner for England - promotes and protects children's rights in England. She does this by listening to what children and young people say about what matters to them and making sure adults in charge take their views and interests into account.

NCAS - offers a free enquiries service to young people in and from care and those that work with them.  If you need advice about leaving care you can call them on 0207 336 4846 or email: 

The Who Cares? Trust is a voice for children in care. Everything we do is designed to improve the day to day experience of children and young people in care and leaving care. It has produced some very useful guidebooks and publications for children in care and care leavers and you can see a list of these by clicking on the links below:

Would you like to have somebody to spend time with, who is there just for you? 

If so, we may be able to find you a volunteer who takes you out, listens to you and spends time getting to know you. We call these volunteers independent visitors, or 'IVs' for short. They do not get paid - they become an IV because they want to - and are independent of children's services.

They only spend time with one young person and will usually see you about every two weeks or so. An IV is someone who is trained by us and checked to make sure they are safe and fit to work with children and young people. To find out more about having an IV, speak to your social worker or contact us.

Learn more about how an independent visitor can help you.

Help improve the care system

Want to help change the care system? Get involved with Salford's Children in Care Council - also known as the Fight for Change Council (FFCC) - a small, dedicated group of young people who want to improve the care service you receive from Salford City Council.

They meet at least twice a month to look at areas for improvement and to draw attention to matters that concern lots of young people in care or leaving care. FFCC is always looking for new members to join them.

Take a look at our FFCC poster and you can also watch a DVD made by the group.

 So get in touch with our FFCC programme coordinator, if you:

  • enjoy working as part of a team
  • want to help improve the care system
  • have time on the second-to-last Saturday and the last Wednesday of each month

Share your views in our surveys

From time to time we will be asking you about things that affect you. Please check back soon to take part in an upcoming survey.

Help to train foster carers, social workers and volunteers

Our service enables young people to help train people who work with children and young people in care. We know that this might sound scary but don't worry, we also train you first.

Our Train the Trainer course, which runs over two days, will help you develop the skills and confidence that you need to be a trainer. To find out more please contact us.

Become part of the panel that appoints professionals (adult workers) and volunteers

We are always looking for young people to become involved in the appointment process for professionals and volunteers.

You could do anything from looking at what should be in a job description, writing questions for the interview panel, or being on an the panel itself, asking questions and sharing what you think about applicants' answers.

To help prepare you for this we offer a two-day course called Recruitment and Selection Training. To find out more please contact us.

Find out more

You can find out more about Salford Children’s Rights Service. Read our latest newsletter and the leaflets and posters about the various services and opportunities we offer.




Make a complaint

We want to hear from you if you have a complaint about a service you have received from Salford City Council or from Our Service.

  • If you wish to complain about Our Service please use our complaints form.
  • You can slso make a complaint about a service or about the way you have been treated by Salford City Council.

Any other questions

Please contact us.