The Children Act 1989 requires local authorities to appoint independent visitors (IVs) for looked after children in their care.

In Salford, we provide an independent visitors scheme that has been running successfully since 1995.

The established criteria for the appointment of an independent visitor are:

  • any looked after child has the right to an IV (referral form)
  • that the need for an independent visitor has been identified, discussed and agreed at the statutory review of the child or young person 
  • that the child or young person agrees to an independent visitor being appointed. 

The role of the independent visitor is to:

  • visit, befriend and advise the child or young person 
  • contribute towards their social, emotional and educational development (which also includes being aware of the child’s racial, cultural and religious needs)
  • support them to exercise their rights 
  • attend their statutory review (if appropriate). 

To find out more about the role of an independent visitor, visit our volunteer section.

Making referrals

If you would like to refer a young person for an independent visitor, please download and complete our referral form.

If you are unsure if your young person meets the criteria or would like to know more, contact us.