We organise training for adults delivered by young people. We help to equip young people for this training in our 'train the trainer' courses. 

We also train young people to be involved in the staff recruitment process, and can facilitate the involvement of young people in the recruitment of your staff. 

We have some posters about this.

We have produced guidelines for the active involvement of children and young people in the recruitment and selection process. These are intended to help you think through the process of involving young people and include a list of the top ten tips to consider.

For more information on any of these services, please contact us.

Feedback from young people at 'train the trainer' courses

'It is important to train social workers because they need to know from our point of view what makes a good social worker and to see if they are really up for the challenge.'

- Katy, age 14

'I have learnt different skills and how to stop myself from being nervous.'

- young person, age 13

Feedback from social workers at training sessions

Comments from social worker training courses include:

'Listening to the young person’s experiences was invaluable and will help me to review my working practice and be more inclusive.'

'Inviting the young person was a great idea and way of improving practice.'

Feedback from foster carers at training sessions

Comments from foster carer training sessions include:

'The young people were confident and professional in their presentation of the material. They made us laugh too!'

'It should be made a permanent feature of the training programme.'

'The two young people were brilliant and it was by far the most enjoyable and informative session of the course.'