We are proud to present testimony from two professionals with whom we have worked.

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Testimonial from a residential children's home manager

Our home is a five-bedded residential children's home. Since opening, we have regularly looked after children from the Salford area and have maintained good links with the Salford Children’s Rights Service.

Salford Children's Rights Service has provided support in the following ways throughout the years.

  • Regular monthly visits – this has included involving the children in creative, fun activities.
  • Visits to meet new residents shortly following admission. 
  • Support with transition plans. 
  • Supporting a young person in making a complaint. 
  • Supporting us in seeking alternative education for a young person not engaging in school.
  • Offering independent advice/guidance to young people. 
  • Keeping the children informed of participation forums/activities.  
  • Inviting children for organised trips out.  
  • Involving young people in interview panels and providing training/skills alongside this. 
  • Promoting anti-bullying and involving children in workshops. 
  • Offering advice and guidance to staff and managers concerning children’s rights (while in care system and post-18). 
  • Independent visitor scheme – ensuring IV’s are provided and visits do take place.
  • Available at short notice to visit a young person (for queries about placement plans). 
  • Willingness to attend meetings/reviews etc in support of young people. 
  • Providing links to other professionals and resources in order to advocate for/support young people (eg education, Connexions, other external organisations).

In summary, Salford Children's Rights Service has provided a wide range of services and has been actively involved with the young people here on a regular basis. The service has been invaluable and will continue to be actively utilised. Visits are always welcome! 

- Manager, residential children's home 

Testimonial from Foundations Care and Support Services

Foundations House is an independence unit for young people preparing to leave the care of Salford Social Services. We provide eight fully furnished flats and aim to equip young people with the skills to maintain their own tenancy and integrate into communities. We are staffed 24 hours a day, and offer support in every aspect of young people’s social development, from accessing work/training/education to simple skills such as cooking, cleaning, budgeting etc.

We strongly believe that no one service alone can meet the entire needs of our young people and we interact with numerous agencies, in order to provide the best possible service. 

We have a particularly close relationship with Heather McMurdo (Children’s Rights and Advocacy Co-ordinator) at Salford Children’s Rights Service. Heather attends regularly once a month to meet our young people and discuss any issues or problems they may have. Heather is a very warm, friendly, and approachable person, with a real understanding of young people and their needs. She has highlighted a number of problems for our young people, ranging from health issues to family contact and has achieved results when acting on our clients’ behalf.  

We see Salford Children’s Rights as a partner and Heather as a valued colleague.

- Manager