• Must be 18 years old or over 
  • Must NOT be a member of Salford Local Authority (eg a local councillor ) 
  • Must NOT be working for Salford Children’s Services with children in care 
  • Must NOT be working for the organisation that cares for the child (where this is not Salford Children’s Services)  
  • Must NOT be the partner of anyone in these roles

Experience and knowledge 

  • Some awareness or understanding of children and young people in our society 
  • Willing to gain knowledge and experience regarding the care system and the needs of children and young people in the care system  
  • Willing to undergo training for the role 


  • Able to communicate well with children and young people 
  • Able to question and challenge people, especially when decisions are being made about a child/young person without meeting the child/young person’s wishes and/or best interests  
  • Able to speak on behalf of a child/young person 
  • Non-judgmental, with an open attitude of tolerance and acceptance for children/young people whose values and behaviour may be different to your own  
  • Able to give support to others and receive support and guidance where appropriate 

Personal qualities 

  • A commitment to children’s rights and needs 
  • A warm and friendly approach  
  • Sensitive to the needs and wishes of children/young people  
  • Reliable and consistent  
  • Non-judgmental
  • A sense of humour and the ability to have fun  
  • Flexible in meeting the needs of children/young people  
  • A balanced approach and view of life