Guidelines, forms, policies and procedures

Please contact us if you would like a copy of any of these policies, procedures, guidelines or forms.

Policies and procedures

  • Child protection and safeguarding policy and procedure
  • Children's and young people's complaints policy and procedure
  • Complaints policy and procedure for adults
  • Confidentiality policy
  • Dignity at work policy
  • Diversity, inclusion and equality statement
  • Emergency contact procedures
  • Mobile phone use
  • Volunteers' policy (including code of conduct, data protection and photography policy, and lone working policy)

Volunteers' guidelines

  • Abuse - how to react 
  • Boundaries for independent visitors
  • Boundaries - visiting relationships frequently asked questions
  • Confidentiality guidelines
  • Disclosure and confidentiality when working with children & young people
  • Driver's handbook for volunteers
  • Guide to The Children's Society car insurance cover (part of our Volunteers' policy document)
  • An example letter to send to vehicle insurance company  (part of our Volunteers' policy document)
  • End of friendship guidelines
  • Expenses guidance
  • 10 personal safety guidelines for mentors and befrienders
  • Hazardous and non-hazardous activities
  • Inappropriate activities
  • Top tips for activities
  • Risk assessments for independent visitors, including:
    • Lone working
    • Bowling
    • Cinema, theatre, museums visits etc
    • Dogs - taking dogs on visits and dog assessment form
    • Go-karting
    • Ice-skating
    • Swimming
    • Theme parks
    • Travel (all)
    • Visit to farm
    • Visit to zoo
  • Safe caring practice principles
  • Salford safeguarding children board - more about Salford and Safeguarding
  • Safeguarding reporting procedures - for child protection issues around carer/local authority
  • Safeguarding reporting procedures - for child protection issues around SCRS staff and volunteers
  • Support and supervision for independent visitors
  • Visit planning for independent visitors
  • Volunteering with The Children's Society