two children with one reading to the otherAt The Children’s Society, we are committed to helping local authorities involve and empower disabled children and young people. Each year, we work with 600 service users in a one-to-one or small group setting. Our goal is to give them a voice.

What sets our services for disabled children apart?

We fight inequality

Many disabled children have little control over their own lives and feel excluded from mainstream society. Our experience in working with this client group over many years gives us first-hand knowledge of how to tailor services to maximise inclusion.

For example, in consultation with our service users, we have developed Askability, the first symbol-supported website of its kind. It gives disabled children and young people access to the latest national news stories, soap news, fun facts and much more.

We work in close partnership with local authorities to offer value for money services, including group sessions and weekend and school holiday schemes, which enable disabled young people to perform a range of everyday activities. We also offer short breaks offering safe and interesting programmes.

We put people first

The needs and opinions of the disabled children and their families who use our services shape our ongoing provision.

We consult them extensively, seeking input on everything from how we can improve what we offer, to what colour to paint our short break units. This not only empowers disabled children and young people, it also supports us to bring about effective change and helps local authorities meet their outcomes. 

We help the whole family

Families of disabled children face many challenges. We work hard to make sure that our short breaks and groups give families a break from their responsibilities at a time and place to suit them.

Download more information about our services for disabled children.

  1. We run comprehensive services for disabled children and young people. We offer a full short break service for disabled children, helping you make the most of your funding.
  2. We increase disabled young people’s opportunities. We help you involve disabled children and young people in making decisions that affect them.
  3. We help disabled children and young people to be independent. We support disabled children and young people and their families to make informed decisions about how best to direct payments to improve their lives.
  4. We help you ensure disabled children and young people are not socially excluded. We set up schemes to involve disabled children and young people in everyday activities, so they can do what other children do and go where other children go.
  5. We have a network of professionals who are trained to work with disabled young people. All of our programmes supporting disabled children and young people have a high staff to young person ratio.