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We have over forty children’s centres across England, helping families from all walks of life. The number is growing all the time.

For families facing financial hardship, our centres mitigate the effects of poverty by supporting children to grow, learn and stay healthy. If parents are working, we assist them with high quality childcare so that families can stay above the poverty line while their children thrive.

What makes our children's centres different?

Our children's centres are about more than just meeting targets. They give children and families the support they need to thrive, and the life skills and opportunities to play an active part in society.

We focus on the family

Families come first. Our centres offer integrated early education and childcare, parenting classes, a range of courses and training, child and family health services, and assistance with job hunting for unemployed parents.

A loving family is the key to a good start in life. Our centres make families stronger. Mums and dads, grandparents and step-parents, relatives and carers attend the centres with their children to play, learn and make friends together.

We have a strong record of working with fathers, and make sure there are opportunities where possible for older brothers and sisters too.

We combat childhood poverty

We run children's centres in some of England's most deprived communities, and cater for the most disadvantaged children and families - ethnic minorities, refugees and asylum-seekers, new migrants, travellers, disabled children, young parents and children whose parents misuse drugs and alcohol. We help mitigate the effects of childhood poverty by supporting families in greatest need.

By recruiting a diverse staff team, and listening and talking to the communities we serve, we reach the most marginalised people. We bring different groups together while providing target services - from helping long-term unemployed parents back to work, to providing Asian men with parenting classes in their own language.

We put people at the heart of everything

Our centres belong to the children and families who use them. Parents are actively involved in designing and delivering services, recruiting staff and running the centres. Children have their say too - no child is too young to express their opinion.

We look after our staff, and that's reflected in their passion, commitment and professionalism. They care about all the children and adults who use our centres as individuals, and always go the extra mile.

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Local focus

Although we are a national organisation, we’re committed to knowledge of the local areas in which we operate. This means understanding unique characteristics and challenges. We get to know your immediate area and community, whether rural or urban, and we build strong, lasting relationships.

A professional, committed and passionate workforce

Our skilled, highly qualified and dedicated staff are committed to helping children and understand the need for targets to be attained. Our experienced, enthusiastic people will get to know you, your team, the children and families under your care and the local community.

Accountable and trustworthy

We deliver what we say we will and on time. We know you need to achieve performance objectives with evidential proof so we have clear assessable reporting procedures in place. We offer guidance and support and implement workable programmes and projects that comply with your team’s operational framework.

Value for money

We understand that you have alternative resource choices and budget constraints so we strive to provide a fresh outlook and value for money service. We always go that extra mile to offer effective and relevant solutions.

Creative and flexible

We understand that you want flexible, responsive services that will work hard and creatively to find the right answer to the challenges you face. We have the flexibility to react fast and the vision to resolve local issues from a new perspective.

Structured and experienced

We target specific problem areas and use our in-depth knowledge and experience of public policy and operational objectives to provide effective solutions. Over the years, we have built up an excellent track record with real and lasting results.

We have proven evidence of our success, with leading edge projects thriving across the country today. We are passionate about working with children, young people and their families, and are advocates of their active participation in decisions about their lives and the development of services.