Matt Summers-Sparks, Digital Editor

Matt Summers-Sparks
Working across our organisation, Matt coordinates blog posts and edits our website.
a child clutching her legs while sitting next to a radiator

'Debt causes stress, which causes anxiety, which causes mental health problems'

As part of our Debt Trap campaign, we spoke to Jessica (that's not her real name), a single mum who is also a community activist, volunteer and heavily involved in her local parents’ forum. She and her three children - a 16-year-old daughter, a 14-year-old son and an eight-year-old son - live in a three-bedroom flat.

26 Jan 2015
a young carer standing in an ice rink

Welcome to our world - A dramatic exhibition of photos of young carers

An upcoming photo exhibition provides a glimpse into the lives of England's young carers

16 Jan 2015
nine members of the Children's Commission on Poverty

Through young eyes

Young commissioners launch their report exposing the impact of poverty on school life

16 Jan 2015
a young boy jumping in a pool

News roundup: Pot of gold, policy update, retail activity

News items from our programmes, policy and retail work

16 Jan 2015

We will remember them

A look at what happened to the children who left our care 100 years ago, from boys who died in the First World War to the girls who worked as maids

16 Jan 2015
Dave Farris

Spreading the word

Our volunteer speakers are vital in supporting our work - for Dave Farris, it's a dream role

16 Jan 2015