Matt Summers-Sparks, Digital Editor

Matt Summers-Sparks
Working across our organisation, Matt coordinates blog posts and edits our website.
Several Children's Society staff members holding a '#Refugeeswelcome' banner

#Refugeeswelcome - Young refugees need our help

What we do to support young refugees and how you can help.

4 Sep 2015
Teenage girl leaving school

Lauren's story: Groomed and exploited

When she was 13, Lauren was targeted by men who groomed and sexually exploited her.

21 Aug 2015
A woman looking pensive.

Eve's story: Spiraling debt

A council tax debt led to Eve’s children going hungry and eventually losing their home.

14 Aug 2015
Woman training to be a hairdresser

Jenny’s story: Escaping abuse

Neglect led Jenny into a downward spiral of substance abuse, until she eventually became suicidal.

7 Aug 2015
a man doing a one-fingered push-up

Notable push-ups of recent history

Bruce Lee, Michelle Obama, Ellen DeGeneres, a world record holder and Nick demonstrate some great push-ups

11 Jun 2015
several of our runners running the London Marathon

See our team run the London Marathon in 30 seconds

Our map shows 71 of our team members running this year's London Marathon course in half a minute. We also compiled some of the day's top tweets.

27 Apr 2015