Matt Summers-Sparks, Digital Editor

Matt Summers-Sparks
Working across our organisation, Matt coordinates blog posts and edits our website.
several of our runners running the London Marathon

See our team run the London Marathon in 30 seconds

Our map shows 71 of our team members running this year's London Marathon course in half a minute. We also compiled some of the day's top tweets.

27 Apr 2015
images of things that people give up for Lent, like cake, sweets, smoking, clothes shopping and more

BenevoLent: The top five things people gave up for Lent, 2009-15

We compiled data from the past seven years to tally the top five things people have given up for Lent.

21 Mar 2015
the houses of parliament

We're live-tweeting the Chancellor's budget announcement

How will the Chancellor's new budget affect children and families? Follow us on Twitter.

18 Mar 2015
Mother with young girl and baby

They said: 'We’ve got to turn your electricity off'

There are nearly a million children living in families in energy debt, all too often growing up in cold homes that are putting their health at risk. Today, we share Nadia's story.

28 Feb 2015
illustrations of popular things that people have given up for Lent, including coffee, cake and fizzy drinks

What are you giving up for Lent?

BenevoLent has ended this year but you can still support our work - find out how today.

Lent begins on Wednesday. Are you giving up anything?

Last year, people who used our BenevoLent tool - try this year's version - gave up the following things:

15 Feb 2015
a child clutching her legs while sitting next to a radiator

Quiz time: How well do you know energy?

It’s surprising to find out how much it costs to use different sorts of energy - take our quiz then sign our petition to help families in energy debt

13 Feb 2015