Lucy Gregg, Policy Officer

Lucy Gregg
Lucy supports our work on asylum and immigration policy, focusing on unaccompanied asylum-seeking children, victims of trafficking and refugee and migrant families.
a boy looking directly at the camera

Thousands of children cut off from justice

Our new report reveals that since removing legal aid access for immigration cases, many children are being forced to resolve their immigration issues on their own or are avoiding the issues altogether.

17 Jul 2015
young teenage girl leaning against wall

10,000 children seeking safety from war and persecution are being pushed into poverty

Low asylum support levels - how will the Chancellor respond in this year’s budget?

16 Mar 2015
Mother with Child

Crucial opportunity missed to lift refugee children out of poverty

The government has failed to increase asylum support rates, leaving over 10,000 asylum-seeking children in poverty.

12 Aug 2014
young man in the rain

First ever guidance promises better support for unaccompanied children

New government guidance is the first of its kind, and a crucial step forward for some of the most vulnerable children

5 Aug 2014
Almost 40% of people on asylum support can't afford to feed themselves, family

Landmark judgment could end poverty for refugee children

Asylum-seeking families in the UK are forced to live in poverty, but a recent ruling is a chance to help

18 Jun 2014
a mother hugging her little boy

The right to private and family life protects vulnerable children too

As the home secretary spoke of a new immigration bill, she focused on the 'right to respect for private and family life', which matters to us all

10 Dec 2013