Lucy Capron, Senior Local Public Affairs Officer

Lucy Capron
Lucy leads on building relationships with and influencing local decision makers, including local authorities, police and crime commissioners, and local partners. Prior to joining us she worked for two local councils.
Two leaders in Greater Manchester speak at our launch event

Leaders welcome our new initiative in Greater Manchester

United behind a commitment to tackle poverty and teenage neglect, more than 40 local leaders attended the launch of our new way of working

27 Nov 2013
boy who has run away

We’re making progress but more needs to be done to protect vulnerable young people

At this year’s NCAS conference, we focused on continuing to support young runaways

30 Oct 2013
father hugging daughter

What is our obligation to vulnerable children and families?

As Birmingham City Council investigates its obligations, our evidence and testimony illustrate the issue

4 Oct 2013
young man sitting on a bench

Making runways safer through our work with local authorities

New report highlights steps local authorities have taken to improve support for young runaways, and our new guide offers support for practitioners

19 Sep 2013