Katie Evans, Senior Project Worker

Katie is part of our Disability Advocacy Programme, which works with local authorities in the London area to support disabled children and young people who have complex communication needs and impairments.
A still from our video (which appears lower on this page) about our sexual healt

Video: Speaking with disabled young people about sex and relationships

Our senior project worker talks about how we can make sex and relationships education more accessible to young people with learning disabilities

4 Nov 2013
Katie in dressing room with other placard bearers

My Olympic moment

Katie Evans from our DAP programme writes about what it was like to be in the opening ceremony of the Olympics.

3 Aug 2012
Juanita sitting in a chair with feather boas attached to it

Graduating to become a volunteer

This week, Juanita became a volunteer at our Disability Advocacy Programme, the first young person to do so at the project

22 Jun 2012