Ilona Pinter, Policy Adviser

Ilona leads on child poverty and inequality policy, including immigration and asylum, debt, welfare and children’s rights.
young boy sitting with two friends

Will International Romani Day draw attention to Europe's largest minority population?

As we address child poverty, we must ensure that we don’t exclude Roma children, who are some of the most marginalised.

8 Apr 2013
Young refugee boy

Exposing modern day slavery in the UK

Exploited children who are trafficked into the UK are being criminalised by a system that brands them 'illegal immigrants'

14 Mar 2013
young man in a hooded sweatshirt

Shocking stories of families seeking safety here

For months, Ilona heard startling stories of families seeking safety in the UK. Find out how you can help these families.

5 Feb 2013
young girl clutching her knees

Young person, experts give evidence on asylum support in parliamentary inquiry

The MPs and peers examining the asylum support system for children and young people held its second evidence-gathering session.

11 Dec 2012
Migrant & Refugee Woman of the Year Awards logo

Recognising and celebrating brave young refugee and migrant women

Each year hundreds of unaccompanied young women escape persecution at home to seek protection in the UK - nominate a refugee woman you admire

3 Dec 2012

Reviewing children's journeys through the asylum process

Our Policy Advisor Ilona Pinter explains the importance of our new report on young people's journeys through the UK asylum process

24 Sep 2012