Ilona Pinter, Policy Adviser

Ilona leads on child poverty and inequality policy, including immigration and asylum, debt, welfare and children’s rights.
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Refugee Week: Escaping and searching for peace

This week we celebrate Refugee Week and the young people who despite their own personal hardship have worked with us to help other young people to overcome poverty and neglect.

17 Jun 2015
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The immigration bill puts thousands of children’s well-being at stake

New legislation must address the often-complex histories and lack of control migrant families face, and ensure that children's welfare is protected

1 Apr 2014
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Making sense of this week's response about support for unaccompanied children

While the government is committed to safeguarding unaccompanied migrant children, this week’s report is ambiguous as to what this means in practice

14 Feb 2014
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Steps in the right direction for trafficked children

We welcome government plans to trial independent advocates and new guidance for unaccompanied and trafficked children - but these young people need more

4 Feb 2014
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Will the government protect trafficked children?

With a new bill to be introduced next year, the government can ensure trafficked children get the protection they need

4 Dec 2013
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Celebrating International Youth Day by helping young migrants thrive

Our policy adviser writes of the issues and sometimes harrowing conditions young migrants face, and what we can do to help them

12 Aug 2013