Buy a truly thoughtful gift this Christmas

Our Alternative Christmas gift range of fun, feel-good gifts have one amazing difference – each one you buy will provide life-changing support to children across the country who need your help.

How does it work?

Buying a special Christmas gift is quick and easy: 

  1. Choose from our range of special Christmas gifts in our online shop.
  2. Follow the simple purchasing steps. We will send you the gift card, a special fridge magnet and a blank envelope so you can either give the present in person or send it in the post.  
  3. Once you receive it you can write your own special Christmas message inside.
  4. Your gift will help children who need Christmas cheer the most.

Choose your gift 

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This alternative gift is a Christmas day out for one child. This gift is a Christmas present for one child.This alternative gift is a Christmas party for one child.   

This alternative gift is a Christmas outing for five children.This Christmas gift is a Christmas present for five children.This alternative gift is a Christmas party for five children.

You can buy a Christmas present for a child, a Christmas party or a Christmas day out for a vulnerable child to make them smile. Or, if you’re feeling extra generous you can now buy gifts for five children.

Our gifts range from £7 to £60, so whatever your budget you'll be sure to find the perfect present. 

How will the money get to where it's needed?

The money from your gift will fund our work transforming the lives of thousands of children. These gifts are an example of how we help make children’s lives brighter at Christmas and represent how your money could be used.

The money raised from our alternative Christmas gift range will be used where the need is greatest.