3rd November

A prayer with children based on Luke 19.1-10. After each part of the prayer invite the children to hug or shake hands with someone as a sign of friendship.


You made friends with everyone.

Teach us to be good friends to each other as you have been to us.



You saw the good in each person.

Teach us to recognise your goodness in others.



You came to eat at Zacchaeus' house.

Teach us to welcome you into our homes and our lives.


10th November

A prayer based on Job 19.23-27a

Loving Lord,

when we feel weak with sorrow,

when all within us aches with grief,

and when we have no words to pray,

receive our sadness, tears and sighs.

Help us to trust that our Redeemer lives 

and will raise us up to abundant life.


17th November

A prayer based on Psalm 98

Faithful God,

You sing your song of love to us,

so fill us with your Holy Spirit

that our lives become a new song

of gratitude and praise.

Let us never forget your goodness,

your wonderful works and deeds of mercy,

so that both our words and actions speak of your love,

revealed to us in Christ Jesus.


24 November

A prayer based on Jeremiah 23.1-6

Shepherding God,

You guide us on the right path

and walk with us through the dark places.

You are always near holding and supporting us.

Open our eyes to your presence among us.

Open our ears to hear your voice calling us.

Open our arms to those in need among us.

Grant us the wisdom to guide others,

especially our children, into your life-giving way.