'The internship has been an eye opening experience'

Ben, one of our interns based in Birmingham, shares his experience of working with the Stars National Initiative website.

Advent: Five ways to well-being for children and teenagers

The Children’s Society asked thousands of children and teenagers about what makes them happy. Here we provide simple, straightforward advice on five ways to well-being for children and teenagers.

Advent: Following Christ in a broken world

As our season of waiting reaches its final Sunday, here is a video to focus our thoughts.

Advent: The importance of prophecy

Sharing prophetic visions requires bravery because speaking truth to power is often not easy or comfortable. Bishop Tim encourages us to pray for the courage to be brave and truthful.

Host a pancake party

Kick off Lent with your community and have a flipping great time – host a pancake party

267 years of Christingle

For our first Christingle service, held in December 1968 at Lincoln Cathedral, we expected 300 people but some 1500 attended the celebration.

Unexplored Riches in Medical History project

Today, Ian Wakeling talks about the Wellcome Trust’s Research Resources scheme to support our Unexplored Riches in Medical History project.

Advent: Harriet Tubman and the promised land

Can we find joy and beauty in the midst of struggle? Today Graham Sparkes draws us close to reveal the contextual layers behind Jacob Lawrence’s painting. The joy and beauty of Harriet Tubman leading hundreds of slaves to freedom is sharply contrasted against the reality that they needed to be freed in the first place.
Our role is both to celebrate stories of joy and beauty, and to be those who are making these stories reality today.

Huge take-up of free school meals shows importance of availability to children living in poverty

The uptake of free school meals by 1.3 million infant children shows the importance but over half a million children are still missing out.