Early years

The Children's Society is the responsible body for management of many children's centres across England.


The Training and Consultancy Unit has specific expertise in consulting with disabled children and young people and their families on a broad range of issues.

Our expertise

The Training and Consultancy Unit has specific expertise in consulting with a wide range of children and young people.

About the campaign

boy playing with crayonsOutCry! - The campaign to end immigration detention of children

Thirteen years of age. Woken up and handcuffed. Confused. Thrown into a caged van and driven to a detention centre surrounded by barbed wire. Frightened. Locked up without having committed a crime - in the heart of the English countryside.


We launched our well-being work in 2005 to fill a gap in research regarding young people's views of well-being.

How do I claim the relief?

You should claim the tax relief by completing the appropriate section of your self assessment form, which can be found on the HM Revenue and Customs website. You may be liable to request a reduction in your self assessment payment, so please check the criteria before submitting your gift.

What are the tax benefits?

Income tax relief

Since April 2000, individuals can get income tax relief, at their highest rate, for the full market value of shares on the date of transfer to The Children’s Society. In other words, you will not pay income tax on the equivalent amount of your annual income in the tax year that the gift is made and you can claim the tax relief on your self-assessment tax return.

Research publications

Our reports focus on the issues children identify as the most influential on their lives.

Find a solicitor

The Law Society can help you find a solicitor in your area, so please visit their website to search for one now.

Alternatively, please contact us on 0207 841 7257 or email legacies@childrenssociety.org.uk and we will help you find a solicitor in your area.