Christina Grocott

Christina Grocott, Digital Volunteer

From our Digital team

By updating our website, communicating with supporters via email, social media and our blog, Christina spread word of our work, aiming to inspire more people to get involved. She volunteered to support our digital team in 2013.

Amanda Grassia

Amanda Grassia, Digital Marketing Intern

From our Digital team

Amanda created social media content about our work and campaigns. She also monitored and analysed our social media channels' performance. She left the organisation in December 2013.

Beth Herzfeld, Senior Media Officer

From our Media team

Beth is our lead media officer on child poverty and young refugees, migrant, traveller children and child trafficking.

Lucy Capron

Lucy Capron, Senior Local Public Affairs Officer

From our Policy team

Lucy leads on building relationships with and influencing local decision makers, including local authorities, police and crime commissioners, and local partners. Prior to joining us she worked for two local councils.

Samantha Morton

Samantha Morton, Actress

From our Guest bloggers

Bryony Burman-Day

Bryony Burman-Day

From our Guest bloggers

Ruth Wanjiku

Ruth Wanjiku, Policy and Parliamentary Volunteer

From our Policy team

Ruth supported the Refugee Children’s Consortium and our work here at The Children's Society. She is reading politics and international relations at Royal Holloway, University of London.

Jasmine Mitchell

Jasmine Mitchell, Policy Volunteer

From our Policy team

Jasmine supported a wide range of our policy team's work in 2013.

Lucy Gregg

Lucy Gregg, Policy Officer

From our Policy team

Lucy supports our work on asylum and immigration policy, focusing on unaccompanied asylum-seeking children, victims of trafficking and refugee and migrant families.

Jo Marshall

Jo Marshall, Senior Coordinator, Good Childhood Conversations Team

From our Church team

Jo coordinates the Good Childhood Team's work in local areas across the country, as they measure, understand and improve children and young people’s well-being.

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