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Chloe's story: Let down at 16

In our child sexual exploitation services we support young people who have been affected by sexual exploitation. Many young people have been let down by the people who are supposed to be keeping them safe. This is Chloe's story.

Shocking video reveals child sex exploitation realities

Our new video the horrific crime of child sexual exploitation to raise funds crucial to our being able to help these children and keep more safe. (This is a joint media release with VCCPme.)

Q&A with Amy Edwards

Amy Edwards, project worker at the US Service, speaks about her work supporting young people with learning disabilities who have experienced, or are at risk of experiencing, sexual exploitation.

It’s not consent, its sexual exploitation

While 16 and 17 year olds can legally consent to sex in healthy relationships, there is nothing healthy or normal about being coerced or groomed and made to submit to sexual acts.

Writer of Firebird, Phil Davies, discusses the play

Our Seriously Awkward campaign to protect 16 and 17 year olds from exploitation is being backed by Hampstead Theatre, London with their play Firebird. Here we speak to the writer, Phil Davies, about the play.

'If a child is hungry it can affect their education'

This blog was written as part of The Children's Commission on Poverty. The commission was led by sixteen children aged 10-19 to uncover the true cost of school life for those living in poverty, through young eyes.

‘She is real. This happened. Nobody helped her’

Jo, a teacher at Portsmouth College, recently took a class of 16 year old drama students to see Hampstead Theatre’s powerful play Firebird. Here she shares some of their responses to the play.

As it happened: Teens in Crisis, the 2015 Edward Rudolf Debate

We led a national debate on 19 November, tackling the question: Are we failing our nation’s teenagers?

Q and A video on Hampstead Theatre’s Firebird

Watch The Children’s Society staff in conversation with Firebird’s writer Phil Davies and Hampstead Theatre’s Artistic Director, Edward Hall

Free online screening of Hampstead Theatre’s hard-hitting exploitation play Firebird

Hampstead Theatre’s powerful and highly-praised play – Firebird – about the sexual exploitation of a teenage girl is being given a free online showing on the Time Out website