How our campaigns work

Young boyOur campaigns are all solutions-oriented and based firmly on evidence that we have gathered about the plight of children who are the victims of social injustice. They focus on changing the way that our society treats children.

Why campaign?

The Children's Society has championed disadvantaged children throughout its 130 year history.

Key campaigns

The Children's Society are involved in two key campaigns - OutCry! and End Child Poverty.

Youth justice

Teenage boyChildhood is a time for experimentation, testing boundaries and making mistakes, but also of learning from those mistakes.

While we in no way condone criminal behaviour, The Children's Society believes that it is neither appropriate nor effective to respond to a child with the full weight of the criminal law.

Young runaways

Runaway girlEach year over 100,000 children under 16 will run away overnight, from home or from care.

Young refugees

Young refugee boyEvery year, thousands of children arrive in the UK seeking asylum: 3,000 of them unaccompanied. Often traumatised, they may have fled persecution, violence or torture, and will likely have experienced serious disturbance in their lives. The disadvantages they face on arrival are numerous.

Sexual exploitation

Young girlChildren and young people are sexually exploited when they receive something (such as food, accommodation or drugs) as a result of performing sexual acts, or of having sexual acts performed on them.

Children affected by parental substance misuse

The impact of harmful drinking on British society is often defined in terms of anti-social behaviour, young people’s alcohol use and the cost to the health service. The hidden, serious consequence less talked about, however, is the effect of a parent’s alcohol or drug misuse on children. There are also very strong links between parental substance misuse, child protection plans, care proceedings and adoption, as well as being cared for by extended family.

Our privacy policy

How do we collect information?

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Privacy policy

At The Children's Society we are committed to protecting your privacy and have produced a privacy policy in response to the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998.

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