Raise funds for our work

Little girlVolunteering your time to raise money for The Children's Society is a fun and rewarding way to support our work. Whether you’re organising your own event or collection, or helping out at someone else's, the money you raise will help us transform lives.

Advice on making a will

We offer suggestions on creating a will

Become a volunteer speaker

Our speakers are passionate about our work and volunteer to spread the message - join in and help boost the income we raise in your area

Regional legacy events

Join us at some magnificent venues across the country to hear about the work we do to help vulnerable children and young people.

Why gifts in Wills matter

We can provide care for children like Sarah who was eight when her step dad started sexually abusing her. When her mum didn't believe her, she ran away from home. She ended up in a children's home, but because she was bullied, she ran from there too. Sarah ended up on the streets; she took drugs and started soliciting.

The Children's Society helped Sarah to get off the street and found her somewhere to live.

How our campaigns work

Young boyOur campaigns are all solutions-oriented and based firmly on evidence that we have gathered about the plight of children who are the victims of social injustice. They focus on changing the way that our society treats children.

Why campaign?

The Children's Society has championed disadvantaged children throughout its 130 year history.

Key campaigns

The Children's Society are involved in two key campaigns - OutCry! and End Child Poverty.

Youth justice

Teenage boyChildhood is a time for experimentation, testing boundaries and making mistakes, but also of learning from those mistakes.

While we in no way condone criminal behaviour, The Children's Society believes that it is neither appropriate nor effective to respond to a child with the full weight of the criminal law.

Young runaways

Runaway girlEach year over 100,000 children under 16 will run away overnight, from home or from care.