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Charities and the Lobbying Act: 'What do you mean I can't wear red, blue or yellow?'

With less than 100 days to go before the next general election, our Director of Campaigns, Policy and Research looks at the Lobbying Act and its implications for charities

Our favourite #Scarfies so far

Help show some warmth to families in the debt trap - share your #Scarfie today

Poor insulation and high energy debts leave 2 million families in the cold

This week marks Cold Homes Week, which raises awareness of the difficulties faced by families across the country that struggle to heat their home. This is an issue that we also uncovered in our report Show Some Warmth, which examines the impact of energy debts on children and families.

The Government's child sexual abuse inquiry is a welcome fresh start

'We support the appointment of a new chairperson and new panel with statutory powers. This is a fresh start and represents a new opportunity that absolutely must not be wasted.'

Families are big winners from £74m for Local Welfare Assistance schemes

After months of campaigning, an extra £74m of funding has been awarded to councils to provide a vital safety net for families and vulnerable residents.

Children in poverty the ‘big winners’ from £74m crisis funding

The Government's decision to continue funding local welfare assistance will provide crucial relief for families and children in poverty.

'It can get so cold that when the heating isn’t on you can see your breath'

This winter, two million families – with 3.8 million children – are struggling to pay their energy bills. For more than half of these families (1.3 million), at one point or another, this struggle has become too much and they have fallen behind on their bills. Tania, shares how her family is caught in a debt trap.

Today’s heating-support announcement is a big step forward

While today’s news is good, it is vital the Government makes the Warm Home Discount automatically available to all families with children who are living in poverty