Handle with Care: Supporting children in care in Greater Manchester

A year after launching our campaign, our recommendations were formally agreed to by the Greater Manchester Authority

Handle with Care: helping young people in the care system

Rob Kippen, a Children’s Rights Officer in Oldham looks at some of the hard decisions young people in care have to face and how we're helping them.

Volunteers' Week: 'People are very warm and friendly, and there is so much going on'

In celebration of Volunteers' Week, we spoke to Irfan, a Money Mentor in Bradford, about what he does in his volunteering role

Volunteers' Week: 'The Children’s Society is a very worthwhile charity to get involved in'

In celebration of Volunteers' Week, we spoke to Zak, a Corporate Ambassador, about how he works with local businesses to raise vital funds to support our work.

Thank you, volunteers!

Find out how we're showing our appreciation of our volunteers this Volunteers' Week.

Volunteers' Week: 'The independent visitor initiative is a fantastic scheme'

In celebration of Volunteers' Week, we asked Barry, an independent visitor volunteer at our Checkpoint programme, about his experiences.

In response to The Sun's story about our high-value donor campaign

The generosity of our donors makes an enormous difference to our work and we are incredibly grateful for all their support. We are very sorry that wrongly selected individuals have been inconvenienced or distressed and are doing everything we can to make sure this does not happen in the future.