Advent: Good Christmas gift options

Our alternative Christmas gifts help bring cheer to children we support.

Advent: The coming

As the weather outside seems to close in and draw us towards the shortest day of the year, the darkness offers little consolation. As we wait for the light to come, Katherine reflects on Isaiah 40.1-11.

Advent: The Adoration of the Kings

Today our Advent reflection is on The Adoration of Kings by Sandro Botticelli.

Advent: God's ambition

Continuing this week’s focus on Isaiah 40, today’s video calls us to sharpen and adjust our perspective in order to fully capture God’s ambition for us and for those most at need this Christmas

Advent: 'The word of our God endures forever'.

Today Krish Kandiah opens up Isaiah 40.1-11 and invites us to reflect on fleeting ambitions that we so often chase, ambitions that are here today and gone tomorrow.

Advent: The cracks between our certainty

Are you too busy to read this today? Certain that you are the most busy person around? Just for a minute, Simon Parke helps us to look beyond that certainty.

The five best things about interning here

Our IT intern Abida shares her favourite things about her internship, and how it led to her first job

Advent: Ambitions for our children

As we move through the second week of Advent, Teresa Pearce MP focuses on the message of Isaiah to remind us to think big about how we can help the most vulnerable children.