What we do for vulnerable children

We want to make childhood better for all children in our communities. This includes our work with:

Young runaways

Neglect, abuse and isolation can sometimes make home so unbearable that the only solution for a child is to run away. We have ten projects across the country to help young runaways.

What happens if I die without a Will?

If you do not manage to make a Will during your lifetime, your property will be distributed according to the current law of intestacy (the Administration of Estates Act).

If you die intestate, regardless of your wishes, your spouse or registered civil partner will not automatically inherit your entire estate. Some of it may go to other relatives.

What is a Letter of Wishes?

A Letter of Wishes is a document that should be kept with your Will. It is not legally binding and is a lovely way of setting out your personal wishes, such as arrangements you would like for your funeral service or details of funeral plans already in place. This can also take a lot of worry away from those who would be organising your funeral.

Can the Children's Society recommend a solicitor?

Unfortunately we are not able to recommend solicitors.

The main reason for this is that anyone seeking to make a Will should obtain independent advice, without any suggestion that another 'interested' party has brought any influence to bear.

To find a practising solicitor contact the Law Society or use their online search facility to help you find a solicitor.

Who can I ask to witness my Will?

If you visit a solicitor to have your Will drawn up, they will usually provide witnesses. However, if you decide to execute a home-made Will, you should arrange for two adult witnesses, and they should print their full names addresses and occupations below their signatures. A beneficiary cannot witness a Will nor should either witness be closely related to a beneficiary, otherwise this will invalidate the gift.

Is it necessary for both spouses to make their own Wills?

Yes, it is necessary for both spouses or partners to make Wills.

It is common for couples to write similar or identical Wills ("mirror Wills"), which ensures that the surviving partner will be looked after.

Volunteer with children and young people

Over 800 people give up their time to support The Children's Society to help children and young people achieve a Good Childhood. You could join them.