Sophie, aged 12

When stuff's bad in your life, it's good to have someone to talk to. Sophie talked to her mentor, instead of hitting out.

Natasha, aged 15

When parents fight and shout at each other, they forget that children listen.

Lee, aged 17

What do you think of when you hear the words 'gypsy', 'pikey' and 'scum'? A child? Lee is called these words every day.

Glow candles

Glow candles

This year we continue to work in partnership with The Glow Company UK Ltd to provide 4" glow sticks as an alternative to wax candles for your Christingles. 

Glow candles are available to buy 


Young people outside a churchJesus said that whoever welcomed a child in his name welcomed him and so we are committed to making a better childhood for every child.

We want your church to be involved too.

Fundraising tips

Little girlJust five minutes of your time can make a lifetime of difference to the children we work with. If you're keen to get fundraising immediately, why not consider one of these simple ideas?

Fatherhood report

Read our report that explores the links between young people's relationships with their fathers and their mothers, and their well-being and self-esteem.

Father with child


We believe fathers have a vital role to play in their children's lives.

We know from our practice, from our research, from our partners and from leading experts in the field that fathers matter greatly to our children and young people. Find out about our Fatherhood Commission and our report into the issue of fatherhood.

Mike's story

‘I first heard about The Children’s Society through my church – we always had a Christingle service there. Then, when I retired, we moved to Yorkshire to be closer to my wife’s family. I found I had a lot more free time on my hands, so when the vicar of our new church mentioned that he was looking for a Parish Coordinator I thought I’d give it a go.